Published photographer Stan Moniz was raised in a quite surf town called Waialua located on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Growing up close to the water's edge he quickly felt an attachment to the ocean and became at home in the big surf on the island. He was a water baby at birth and a surfer and body boarder as far back as he can remember. He started competing at the age of 15 and turned professional in the sport of body boarding at the age of 18. Music and photography were also two big passions growing up. Taking photography classes in high school one hour then learning guitar technique the next he was driven to succeed. As faith would have it, his band National Product received an offer they could not refuse. With the big buzz they were having on the islands he shifted gears from his home in Hawaii and moved with the group to southern California in 2000 where they lived out a very successful career as a professional touring band. The band later in 2010 closed the books and for Stan that was a huge opening to reacquaint himself with his love for adventure and capturing the beauty of the world we live in. Stan now eqipped with a camera travels the world making up for lost time capturing those timeless moments to share with all.